About Us

All of us spend time and money in our local markets. Whether it is a night out with our friends, searching for that perfect pair of jeans, or just relaxing after a long week at our favourite spa - we always have a reason to go out!
But before the thrill and gratification, comes the pain of deciding where to go. Not knowing if we should buy this top, or walk across to a few more stores first. Not having a convenient way to browse make-up packages from different salons. Not being able to easily find out which pubs have a live band today evening.
Now imagine a world where you have up to date information about all shops, restaurants and salons at your fingertips. Where you can discover a cool new place in the neighbourhood market without the tediousness of actually physically checking out each new store. Where you can stay informed about the latest offers and updates from your favourite stores, without drowning in a deluge of SMSs and needing to download a hundred different apps.
With Hyperbay, we are building that world for you. Hyperbay aims to make your local shopping experience smarter and more fun, minus the pain that comes from not knowing where to go.
Behind Hyperbay is a passionate and pedigreed team of seasoned technology and business professionals on a mission to transform local shopping for the digital age.